Thursday, December 26, 2013

Chasing Reported Birds

I watch the bird reports that come in over eBird and since I am on vacation this week, I decided to see if I could chase after a couple of them and add to my life list.  I got skunked, which is typical for me!  That is why I try to just enjoy what I see instead of chasing.....but you know, it seemed like a good idea last night!

I started at Oak Grove Cemetery in Medford, where a Lark Sparrow as well as a Clay-Colored Sparrow were both reported in a particular portion of the cemetery.  I had no trouble finding the spot, parking too close and having to move back a bit.  Turns out that someone had been spreading seed there.  I learned from her that the Lark Sparrow should have been in the tropics for the winter, and she was worried that it may not have survived the cold night.  She was trying to help it survive by spreading the seed.  There were many birds enjoying the food:  Dark Eyed Juncos, Northern Cardinals, Blue Jays, Tufted Titmice, Song Sparrows, a Northern Flicker, Black-Capped Chickadees, White Throated Sparrows, and Mourning Doves.

 Tufted Titmouse

 Dark-Eyed Junco

Blue Jay

probable Field Sparrow

(I had hoped this was the Clay-Colored Sparrow, but it didn't match up once I looked at the photos at home.)

Next, I headed to the JFK Library in hopes of seeing a White-Winged Dove that was reported there.  Again, I was skunked, and it was getting darker and colder while I was there, so it wasn't great for photos.

 Horned Grebe

Northern Mockingbird

European Starlings

 Common Goldeneye (female)

Common Goldeneye (male)

Canada Goose

Northern Cardinal (female)

House Sparrow

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