Friday, November 15, 2013

Bluebirds on Friday

I started the day watching the sun rise at Hopkinton State Park.

Dark-Eyed Juncos moved from tree to tree along the shore.  But there was one call that stood out, and I was able to spot a Carolina Wren hiding among the branches.

Carolina Wren

Since I still had about a half an hour to spare, I moved on to Breakneck Hill Conservation Land.   While I was photographing a Northern Mockingbird near the parking lot, the Belted Galloways confused me for the farmer who feeds them.  They came, at times running, from the other side of the meadow (near the community garden area) over to where I was.  I moved up the trail on the hill, and they pushed and nudged each other to position themselves as close to the fence as possible.  I did not want to stay by those tiny strands of electric wires and test whether they'd hold them back or not when they were running towards me!

Before they noticed me....

Northern Mockingbird (all fluffed up)

 Here they come!

I only walked to the top of the hill where the first trail breaks off to the right.  At this intersection, the Eastern Bluebirds were very active, and I enjoyed watching them for about ten minutes.  The cows, meanwhile, depressed and disappointed, had returned to the other side of the meadow again.

I took a walk during my lunch hour at Waseeka Wildlife Sanctuary in Hopkinton.  With all the dried leaves on the trail, it is impossible to walk quietly and much more difficult to get close to any wildlife.  


The leaves make me long for moccasins.  Ever since I was a child, I wished I could move through the woods with as little noise as possible, like a Native American.

All the ducks on the water flew off before I could near enough for photos.  Yes, they heard me coming.    I saw Ring-Necked Ducks, Hooded Mergansers, and Mallards through my binoculars where they were hiding out near the opposite side of the water.

More Eastern Bluebirds! (one out of two seen)

 Belted Kingfisher (at the "usual" long distance)

Gone fishing! 
(nice aerodynamic dive)

Song Sparrow

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